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3D printing innovations by Materialise

When people in the Internet industry talk about 3D printing, they usually mention companies like the recently acquired MakerBot and Thingiverse, marketplaces and communities like GrabCAD and Shapeways, alongside nifty stuff like the 3Doodler.

But Belgian Materialise has been in this game for almost 25 years now and has always been keen on heavily investing in research and development, which means they’ve built up a heck of a lot of expertise and – crucially – a veritable trove of increasingly valuable intellectual property.

The company currently employs more than 900 people across a large number of offices in Europe, the US and the Asia-Pacific region, and hiring more across the globe every day.

Materialise’s innovations haven’t gone unnoticed in the additive manufacturing industry, of course, but the company also reaps the benefits of the current hype when it comes to everything related to 3D printing, especially when it comes to the consumer part of the equation.

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