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A comprehensive study on Europe’s most promising tech ‘scale-ups’

A comprehensive new study, conducted by Pedal Consulting and Ud’Anet in the framework of the SEP, was released in an effort to map the most relevant elements related to the European startup ecosystem and paint a coherent picture of the state of things.

A study provides preliminary insights and observations derived from a representative sample of over 1,000 ICT startups and 200 M&A transactions. The final report is expected to follow at some point during the first quarter of 2015.

According to the SEP study, over 25% of the sampled startups is based in the UK, the majority of which are located in London, making the city one of the most important startup hubs in the world.

The second country that generates major startups is Germany, with its capital city Berlin. Germany’s capital, although still a relatively young hub for startup activity, counts as a base for 15% of the startups within the SEP’s database.

The third country that stands among the important startup centres in Europe is France, which hosts over a hundred scale-ups.

Most ICT startups in SEP’s sample fall into the ‘Software solutions’ category (17%), closely followed by ‘E-commerce’ (14%) and ‘Mobile applications’ (10%).

The ‘Enterprise Services’ and ‘Advertising/Promotion solutions’ turned out to be equally exploited domains as 18% of all identified scale-ups operate in these two fields. It is also worth mentioning that the ‘Hospitality’ and ‘Gaming’ categories account for 10% of the sample combined.

To lear more on European startup ecosystem follow this link to the full study on