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A kit for building your own Wi-Fi enabled products

Spark raised more than $560,000 on Kickstarter for its Arduino-like Spark Core Wi-Fi connector kit. It subsequently went on to raise a $4.9 million Series A round and launch a cloud OS to power its Internet of Things (IoT) enabling hardware. Now it’s back with the Spark Photon, a postage stamp sized Wi-Fi development board for building connected devices.

The Spark Photon costs just $19 and is so small it comes packaged in a matchbox. It’s designed for putting together prototype devices. Once you’ve finalized your prototype, Spark is making the Spark P0 ($10) and P1 ($12) Wi-Fi enabled modules available for integration directly into a product.

The Spark Photon, P0 and P1 modules are all powered by Spark OS, Spark’s open-source cloud-based operating system. Spark OS connects the low-cost micro-controllers to the Web with a set of open standards.


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