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Codename: Blackphone

In late 2011 foormer privacy advocates Phil Zimmerman, from PGP fame, and former colleagues, decided to start a company named Silent Circle that focused exclusively on mobile privacy.

By 2012 they had developed several mobile applications but quickly realized that for a better experience, they had to control the whole phone experience. That’s the reason why, in January of 2014, they teamed up with one of the few independent Android makers, Geeksphone, a small Spanish company that has been doing Android terminals since 2009, to help them deliver a complete smartphone experience. The joint venture, called SGP Technologies and based in Switzerland, finally unveiled the phone they’be been working on since 2012, codename Blackphone.

The official presentation happened during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this past week, but the reactions have been mixed, ranging from problematic all the way to skeptic. The phone can be pre-ordered at a retail price of 629 dollars and will be shipped in June of this year. A big question still lingers, will the market treat privacy as a luxury good?

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