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Difference between raising early-stage capital in the US compared to Europe

Mathilde Collin, co-founder and CEO of social email app Front, based in San Francisco and Paris, that recently announced a $3.1 million funding round shares her insight on the whole process in the article on

According to the author American funds seem to be more willing to invest money and that’s why in the US, venture funds do much more outbound work and talk to more founders.

When comparing raising early-stage capital Mathilde Collin shares that trying to raise funds in Europe and managing to raise funds in the US has led her to phrase it this way: US funds invest in case your company succeeds, whereas in Europe, they invest because your company succeeded.

The CEO of Fronts also points out that VCs in the US make decisions faster. It took her 21 days from the first meeting with an investor to the closing of the $3.1 milion round.

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