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Dutch startups to look out for in 2014

EU-startups with the help of the European Startup Initiative compiled a list of Dutch startups that entered the market within the last two years and have something special to add to the web experience in 2014.

3D Hubs

Founded in 2013, 3D Hubs is a collaborative production platform for makers and 3D printer owners. Using the platform, anyone with a 3D printer can bring customized, locally produced goods to those around them. The majority of 3D printers is owned by consumers who use their device on average less than 10 hours per week. Thanks to 3D Hubs their idle capacity can be used to 3D print products for neighbors, earning them money and establishing a social connection with fellow 3D enthusiasts. With a 3D printer around the corner, customers can actually experience the 3D printing process and hold the product in their hands the next day. In August of 2013 3D Hubs, which is based in Amsterdam, secured a Seed investment from Balderton Capital and other investors.


Viedit is a global platform where consumers and businesses can have their own (home)videos edited by an editor of their choice. Sign up is free for both editors and clients. Editors can set their prices per movie length, specify the genres and themes they want to edit. Viedit, which was founded in 2012, acts as a trusted third party to ensure compliance to the client’s preferences and payment to editors. Before the project is posted, the client pays to Viedit, who will pay the editor once the job is successfully completed. Viedit’s fee is 10%. The Dordrecht-based startup Viedit launched its Beta phase in September of 2013. The further development in 2014 will be based on feedback from clients and editors.


HRMatches provides an assessment integrated matching system for both candidates and companies that quickly identifies best-fit candidates based on experience, skills, competences and organizational culture. With HRMatches, employers publish their vacancies in one click with best-practiced templates on multiple jobboards and social media and get a shortlist of candidates ranked on soft and hard skills. HRMatches, which was founded in 2012, also offers a specialized career platform, called On this platform job seekers can create their personalized profile by making high-end assessments and find matching job vacancies.


Hellodialog is a new kind of an Email Service Provider. The young company charges its clients for opened emails only and there are no monthly subscription fees. The email marketing service of Hellodialog is entirely free for recipient lists with up to 2,000 subscribers. With its Autoimprover tool, Hellodialog also helps you to improve your future email campaigns and to increase your open rates. Hellodialog was founded in 2012 and is based in Haarlem.


The Amsterdam based Owlin team created a service which extracts actionable intelligence from social media, newswires and tweets. The users of Owlin (financial firms and governmental institutions) no longer have to search for news – relevant news is pushed straight to their dashboard. The system shows real-time in-depth analysis of the news topics, the online buzz and reliability. Founded in 2012, Owlin was selected out of 356 startups globally to be part of Rockstart’s Accelerator program. In December 2012 Owlin secured €200,000 of funding from NoRo Venture Capital.

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