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European Bitcoin startups

While North America represents the largest active region of Bitcoin’s a global reach, Europe is second with 25% of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency network on European soil.

There are clearly six big Bitcoin clusters in Europe: London, Tel-Aviv, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Zurich.

Amsterdam seems to be the epicenter of the continental European Bitcoin scene. The recent Bitcoin 2014 conference held there has spurred a wave of optimism that’s driving Bitcoin prices up.

The Bitcoin community is pretty massive with at least three meetups, with Bitcoin Wednesday being the oldest and largest. Among the top dogs there’s startups such as also PikaPay and Bitonic – both into payments – as with bitmymoney, Paywitheze, Bitplaats (which also operates in Belgium) and Bit4Coin. The country also has some well known mining startups like BitFury (recently raise $20 million), BitMin and MercuryBTC, as well as some ATM-providers like

However, the Bitcoin fever isn’t just focused in Amsterdam, but also in cities like Delft, where Mobbr, one of the Bitcoin 2014 startup finalists is located.

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