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European lean hardware startups

All over Europe, we’ve witnessed a growing number of lean hardware companies popping up, trying to change the way you automate your home and appliances, keep track of your fitness, record memories, monitor air quality, lock doors and bikes, and about a million other things.

Hardware may or may not be the new software, depending on who you ask, but an increasing number of entrepreneurs are jumping into the hardware (+ software) space, thanks to the rising speed and flexibility of the manufacturing supply chain, and the decline in costs and risk.

In an effort to start seeing the forest for the trees, put together a fairly comprehensive list, featuring 50 of the most exciting lean hardware startups in Europe:

Narrative /Sweden/

Automatic lifelogging camera. A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory.

Tado /Germany/

One third of the energy consumed around the world is used for heating or cooling buildings. Tado ream believes in state-of-the-art intelligent technology that fully automatically ensures that no energy is wasted.

Jolla /Finland/

Jolla was born in 2011 out of passion of its founders towards open innovation in the mobile space. At the core of Jolla is Sailfish, the most modern, mobile-optimized operating system. Running on Sailfish we are creating Jolla smartphones.

CubeSensors /Slovenia/

Make your home healthier, your office more productive. Just place a small, stylish, cordless and connected Cube in each room.

Lock8 /Germany/UK/

Use your smartphone as an e-Key to easily lock and unlock your smart bike lock. Smart sensors and detectors. Push notification and community alarm service + bike GPS tracking.

Brightup /Germany/

Through personalized and smart lighting brightup empowers you to create and enjoy the best light quality at home. An intuitive plug and play solution for wireless home light automation.

Intelclinic/NeuroOn /Poland/

NeuroOn Changing the way you are working and resting. It is the world’s first brainwave – monitoring SLEEP MASK that allows you to switch from monophasic to polyphasic sleep. That means you can sleep less and more efficiently.

Scanadu /Belgium/US/

A scanner packed with sensors that enables anyone to conduct sophisticated physical exams — in a snap.

Leapfrog /The Netherlands/

3D printers that create high quality printed products, available and affordable to a broad user base.

Intellectronics/iSocket /Finland/

iSocket Intelligent devices are designed to control electrical equipment remotely (for monitoring premises, temperature etc.)

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