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European startups for boosting brainpower

In the last couple of years a number of studies have tackled the question of whether brain-training apps really improve cognitive abilities without arriving at any clear answer.

Regardless, entrepreneurs and developers – many, who work alongside neuroscientists and universities – still believe they can help to boost your brainpower with their brain-training apps.

Whether or not you think brain games are effective in sharpening your mind, European-made apps that want to keep your brain fit are on the roll:

Memorado /Germany/

Brain-training app Memorado, developed in Berlin, offers a set of games promising to improve your memory and “cognitive controls”. How it works: Users set training goals, take an assessment test and Memorado provides selected games to match your goals. In September, the startup behind the mobile game announced a $1.3 million seed round.

W.I.L.D /Iceland/

Created by Icelandic brainwave-controlled app developer MindGames, W.I.L.D sounds pretty wild. The game, for iPhone/iPad, lets users navigate a waking dream with their attention and concentration abilities through a consumer headset that measures brainwave signals ($79.99). The company claims the game can help to improve your concentration and relaxation skills.

Brain+ /Denmark/

Created by a Danish team in collaboration with brain scientists from Copenhagen University, the Brain+ app aims to help train your attention, memory and problem solving abilities through its games Captain’s Challenge, Remember Me and Fresh Frog respectively.

UnlockYourBrain /Germany/

Mobile “microlearning” app UnlockYourBrain creates an unlock layer so the user needs to answer a question before unlocking their smartphone screen. Because user engagement with the lock screen is relatively high, retention rates for the UnlockYourBrain are reportedly twice those of similar apps in this space. The Berlin-based startup behind the learning app is backed by angel investor Christophe Maire.

The Synonym Scrambler /Sweden/

Developed by a Stockholm-based duo, which dubs itself Apprope, The Synonym Scrambler is useful for building your vocabulary bank and practicing spelling. The premise: Users try to build the correct synonym that matches the word shown. It is available in English, Swedish, Danish, French, German and Norwegian.

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