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F6S compares startup entrepreneurial activity in EU and USA

Global startup network F6S – which aims to connect European startup founders, investors, accelerators and mentors in driving growth across the board – has revealed some interesting data shedding light on various aspects of entrepreneurial activity on the platform – with a focus on Europe and the United States.

Although F6S – which can be likened to San Francisco-based startup funding network AngelList in many ways – started out in Europe, in the last two years it has seen users join from the US, Asia, South America, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.

To date, it claims 385,000 users and 46,177 startups on the platform globally – about 32% of startups are from Europe, while 25% of them come from the US.

According to F6S’s latest numbers, there are 2,063 European startups with a fundraising profile on the platform, compared to 2,270 US-based startups. Unsurprisingly, the average “amount raising” reported by European startups ($298,705) was less than that of US startups ($443,859).

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