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German Chancellor argues for a two-lane internet

US President Barack Obama recently publicly backed the principle of net neutrality, yet his position doesn’t seem to be necessarily shared by the top politicians across the ocean in EU.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel outlined her vision for the future of the internet as a two-lane internet. One lane for “special,” high priority service, and another that’s meant to resemble the internet as it exists today.

Merkel argues that fast lanes are necessary for the development of new, advanced uses of the internet, like telemedicine or driverless cars. According to Merkel, without guaranteed, fast-access internet connections, such innovations won’t come to market.

German Chancellor has become the first high-profile european politician to attack the principle of net neutrality which is mandated by EU wide legislation.

Since the inception of the Web as we know it was believed that net neutrality is key to the continued growth of the internet thanks to, among other things, non-discriminatory access to the network bandwidth which levels the competition playfield for stakeholders of different market powers.