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Meet sci-tech Guitarduino

The innovative use of Arduino Uno development board by Igor Stolarsky has transformed a famous Les Paul guitar into a super-cool sci-tech musical instrument – Guitarduino.

The modified guitar is built around an Arduino brain and includes sensors triggering touch-controlled effects. Readings from touchpad sensors are processed through Max/MSP and transformed into MIDI, before being routed to an Axe-FX II preamp/effects processor from Fractal Audio.

The Arduino board is also home to six colorful arcade controller buttons, which are hooked up to Ableton Live. Percussive sounds are assigned to three of them, one acts as a stutter switch, and the remaining two facilitate live looping.

The inventor thinks also of adding an accelerometer or a d-beam for control of effects using gestures/movement, so this project is definitely what you might call a work in progress.

To see the Guitarduino in action follow this link to the full article on GizMag