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North Korea accused for Sony hack

The FBI has officially accused North Korean government for being a primary culprit behind the mega destructive cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, which took place in November.

A group calling itself the “Guardians of Peace” claimed responsibility for the devastating hack of Sony’s computer systems, which paralyzed their operations, and tapped into a trove of hypersensitive, internal information. The relentless hackers issued threats against Sony, including the one of taking down the cinema premiere of the North Korean themed Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy “The Interview”.

The FBI’s investigation of the cyber intrusion, however, concluded that there is enough evidence pointing to North Korea to be a true perpetrator.

The notorious hack has revealed how vulnerable the digital economy is to cyber threats that are capable of undermining the prosperity of millions.

Considering the magnitude of the inflicted harm it remains to be seen what retaliation steps will be taken by the US government against the North Korean state.