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Rockstart Accelerator: Fast Forward

Since mid 2011 an Amsterdam based accelerator program Rockstart provides seed investment, office space, mentors, coaching by entrepreneurs and road-trips to Silicon Valley in return for 8% equity stake in each of its startups with the goal to get its startups ready for international expansion and growth funding.

The accelerator’s last round of applications for 2013 program closed with 400 applications spanning the five continents received. Teams from 160 different cities worldwide applied with most applications from the Netherlands, Spain, UK, Italy, India, Brazil, Argentina, US, Russia, Greece and Romania. The company noted also an increase in the number of female entrepreneurs applying. This year 15% of the entrepreneurs who applied are women.

In the final selection Rockstart Accelerator picked 10 new teams of founders that will participate in the new program that will run from March 2013 until September 2013.

In our opionion the most promising of 10 startups selected to participate in Rockstart Accelerator 2013 include:
Zazzy: “Revolutionizing the way we create our own jewelry using 3D printing”
3D Hubs: 3D Hubs connects 3D printer owners with people who like to get something printed
iClinic: A web-based secure system that allows the physician carry the data from his clinic and from his patients in his pocket, providing access from anywhere.