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Trademark battle for GNOME brand name

Groupon launched an iPad-based checkout platform called Gnome in May 2014. However, the name Gnome already had a long history in the world of open-source software. The GNOME Project has been in use as a GNU/Linux and BSD desktop for 17 years and was registered as a trademark by The GNOME Foundation in 2006.

GNOME technology can also be found in TVs, tablets, phones and other consumer devices. Crucially, for the potential clash between the GNOME Foundation and Groupon, the SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service system is based on GNOME.

The GNOME Foundation has announced that it is setting up a legal fund to fight Groupon’s trademark applications. It claims it contacted Groupon requesting that it change the name of the iPad system and that the deals company refused and has filed further trademark claims.

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